Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bruce Markuson, Some of my published stories.

The Night Witch
Tales of the Talisman Magazine Volume 7 Issue 1
One of my first and favorite at
This is one of my latest The Devil's Instinct
Anthology is available at

The first short story in my
Ten Millennium War series.
Previously published at   
-->   -->  
A virus that only eats cellulose has infected earth.
 One of my darkest mysteries.Tales of the Talisman
Volume 8 issue 1
See more of Jag lalls art work at
 This is the quintessential story of redemption.
The thief on the cross.
Previously published at

The Way of the Wind. A podcast 
Historical fiction, hear it
Speak Easy of Murder, A podcast murder mystery.
hear it
Speak Easy of Murder. Published in print by
Whortleberry Press. Anthology
available at by

"Speak Easy of Murder"
A Speakeasy was closed up seventy eight years because of an  unsolved murder. It is only now that we return to solve the murder.
Jacob Marley, (Ebenezer Scrooges business partner.)
Jacob Marley should have known better in life.
Now all he can do is warn his business partner.
Published by Whortleberry Press, Available at

--> This is one of my Christian Inspirational stories.
Jacob Marley (Ebenezer Scrooges business partner) is set in Victorian England. In life he should have known better because he can quote the biblical passages that would have saved him. 

Static Movements -Sleepwalkin & Picklocking

“Wrought Iron Chandelier.” available at

Thirteen O’Clock Press’ Horrified Press-Broken Anthology
“Broken Roots.” Available at 

Dead Gun Press-Hardboiled Anthology
“Continued Page 6B” & “Head Scar” available at

‘Thirteen O’Clock Press’ Horrified Press--Dragon Blood Anthology
“Dragon Blood” & “Iodine 131” available at

Thirteen O’Clock Press’ Horrified Press-Halloween Shrieks Anthology.
“Peter, Peter Trick or Treater Eater” available at

Dead Gun Press-Badlands Anthology
“I has come to make my peace with the Almighty.” available at Issue 4
“Continued Page 6B” available at

Silent Fray Productions Horrified Press, -Undercurrents of Fear Anthology
“Aichmophobia” & “Jack is Coming” available at

Horrified Press, Plague anthology.
“The Reaper’s Scythe” available at    

Horrified Press-The Black Cat Anthology.
“I hate Birds” available at 

‘Thirteen O’Clock Press’ Horrified Press-Tales from the Blue Gonk CafĂ©  Anthology.
            “It’s Time For You To Go”, “Robotic Genius”,
”It’s Starting To Rain” &“A Soul Tree” available at 

‘Thirteen O’Clock Press’ Horrified Press-Arachnophobia Anthology.
            “Genetic Experiment” available at 

            “Iron Moon” & “Death Moon” at 

‘Thirteen O’Clock Press’ Horrified Press-Ice  Anthology.
            “U 5000” available at

Some of my other published stories are.

Digital Dragon Magazine                 

“Captain Ahab” October 2011 issue 24. “

“Final Flight” April 2012 issue 29.”

“Robot Origins” March 1, 2013.

‘Thirteen O’Clock Press’ Horrified Press-The Ripple effect Anthology.

            “You weren’t Smiling”, “One World Empire” & “Martian Weed”
available AmazonKindle

‘Thirteen O’Clock Press’ Horrified Press-Killer Tracks Anthology.

            “Killer 8-Track” soon to be published

Dream Fusion Press-Infected World Anthology
            “Evil Seed” Soon to be published

Pure fantasy and sci-fi volume 5
“He Camps Alone” Soon to be published

The Common Oddities Speculative Fiction Sideshow online journal
            “Death of a clown” Soon to be published

Shoreline of Infinity- science fiction magazine from Scotland
            “Demons Call” Soon to be published

Zimbell House Publishing-Tales From the Grave anthology
            “Ghost Blog” Soon to be published

 I want to thank the Tuesday night writers group and Midwest Iconic services.
I am new at this web sight, hope to update, add some samples of my work to this sight  and finish my book soon.
Feel free to post a comment. Good luck to all, Bruce